Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Papaw's Dressing

There's lots of chopping going on at several Magness homes this week. Onions, celery and more are in preparation for the main event- Thanksgiving! There are some variations of manuscripts that are passing around the descendants of our clan. As best I can tell, the original recipe was found in the Houston Post or Chronicle newspaper but has since morphed into the dressing we have today.

Here is our copy of primarily ingredients with some important comments, the best one is at the bottom: Taste as you go!" I guess that best sums up Dad's life. Though raised in the old school era, he was an entrepreneur. As he passed through this life, he sampled new things, especially new relationships. I can only hope that the dressing tastes right this year. Oh, and don't forget the secret: fresh hand rubbed sage!

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