Monday, September 20, 2010

More Beautiful Canada.

We are in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. There is a water fall there, but it is grander in the spring during the spring snow melt. Our B & B was wonderful. On older house with gracious hosts. We were greeted with hot tea and cookies when we arrived. There wasn't a great selection for supper, so we tried some "pub grub." "Try the potatoes" we were advised. This land is also known for potato production. We had hoped to locate a church for Sunday worship, but the English speaking Baptist church in town had closed down. We tried in other towns to located a worship service, but we settled for our daily Bible reading along the way.

Church buildings were everywhere. We must assume that people are religious about something. We'll be glad to get back to our sweet home church at Anderson MIll.

As we travel toward Quebec, the scenery changes. The beauty is changing and the homes are losing their charm. We notice that most signs are in French (I guess). Though I had 2 years of French in high school, it doesn't help much. Except for a few familiar vocabulary words, it is very foreign. We look for those universal international signs for McDonald's and enjoy a large coffee.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beautiful Gardens

There were beautiful plants everywhere. Sedum and hostas were the plants of choice. Though the growing season is short, the milder climate makes thes plants and flowers grow bigger and vibrant. Flowering plants were gorgeous and plentiful. It was had to limit the pictures to just a few shots.Many businesses also chose flowers to highlight their locations. Many used vegetables and crops to draw attention to their unique offerings. We favored bakeries, farm stands and farmers markets as places to browse and of course, purchase tasty travel food.

It was harvest time, so all varieties of pumpkins and gourds were decorating highway corners and front yards. We just couldn't resist.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Land of Green Gables (and a 70 mile Garage Sale!)

WOW! Even though the rain has dampened the day, this place is certainly worth the trip. We've enjoyed eating apples, PEI jellies and jams and some great food. Our daughter Karen told us to take along another suitcase for collectables. We collected lots of rocks from NB and now we're in the hunt for garage sale stuff. Did I mention apples! I've never seen and tasted so many great varieties of apples. Many of these varieties don't make it to the Texas market because of shipping characteristics of some apples.
Our final day on PEI was treasure hunt. We had such fun and met some wonderful people from a variety of people. We'll head for NB and Quebec tomorrow. We'll share some beautiful pics of PEI flowers and other organic stuff.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a beautiful place.

We arrived on PEI across the Confederation Bridge. It is free to get onto the island, but you have to pay to get off! Our first full day was full of everything but rain. We visited a bottle house, twoactually. A catholic man started recycling empty candle jars and mortared them into the malls of two houses. Quite interesting.

They grow a lot of potatoes and they the even have a potato museum. They are harvesting
potatoes right now. Apples are in and they are good. We tried some Johnny Mac apples and they were good. Fruit and veggies are plentiful and cheap. They have a lot of festivals. This weekend seems to be loaded with opportunities. One place is having a scarecrow contest. I think that what it supposed to be. You judge!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

O, Canada!

We made it to Canada! We're celebrating 31 wonderful years as married, Best Friends. It is so much fun doing something with someone you enjoy.New Brunswick is a neat place. We found a really classic place.

We moved briefly into Nova Scotia, but the rain prevented any more than that. Perhaps on the return trip we can spend more time. We are finding some cute fire stations, mostly volunteers. No one could operate without an army of volunteers.

More homemade bread makes a wonderful day. We manage to locate some good coffee shops and that keeps us warm and going! Zing!!

We make it to PEI late in the afternoon. A cute farm house and some gracious hosts make a
good impression. The people staying here came from all over. Some spoke French, Japanese and that other language- Jersey! What an eclectic group.

We made a quick jaunt to the Green Gables area before retiring for the day. This is only part of the charm for the island. Certainly the greatest treasure lies within the people who live here and come here. Tomorrow we will see some quirky stuff and hopefully some great PEI apples and fruit

Monday, September 13, 2010

We're off!

The Lord is so good to give us a church family who allows us some time to recharge. We're on our way north and it is so good to have some wonderful parts of the US & Canada to visit. We weren't long in to Maine before we had to stop for some fresh baked bred and blueberry jam. We made stops at L.L. Bean and the Village Candle factory. Two places Jan and I had wanted to visit.

We stayed at a former governor's home, The Baxter House. Great innkeepers from England. They have great plans to complete the restoration of the home and the gardens.

We are headed for St. John, New Brunswick. More later...