Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Field Advantage for Ministry

Sometimes in ministry, you have to make a "home field advantage.' No one gives it to you. Usually this means two things: building leaders and encouraging members. No ministry runs on "auto pilot". Every month if not every week, you need to contact every leader and make sure they will be there. No matter what their responsibility is, they have to show up. If it is to make coffee in the classroom, hang out with students or check families in at the preschool. We have to get good at showing up. Showing up can be as important as breathing: inhale... exhale. Inhale information, exhale people skills. But we have to be there!

How should we encourage members? Encouragement is spelled T-I-M-E. We have to invest time. At times, it requires us to invite people into our lives. We don't have time, do we? But, we do shop. We go places. We eat and drink coffee. We do errands. There's our time. If we want home field advantage in ministry, we take someone with us. Jesus seemed to always have three and usually 12 guys hanging around Him. These guys saw Jesus do everything. They saw the drama. They felt the pain. They experienced the struggles. They did life together.

In short: you don't have to plan a program. Just invite people into your life. That's home field advantage!